How To Cure Gonorrhea Without Going To The Doctor

How to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor, What’s the Best Herbal medicine for Gonorrhea Treatment? Thede are some of the questions almost all gonorrhea patients won’t stop asking. So today the answer to the questions will be exposed in this article-stay safe!

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can be contacted by having unsafe sexual intercourse with an infected partner. The bacteria causing gonorrhea is known as Neisseria Gonorrhoae and it can be spread by coming in contact with mouth, vagina and penis. It is also known to be transferred from an infected pregnant mother to her baby.

According to the world health organization, this disease has affected over 78 millions people in the world and that is why most doctors take advantage of it by charging a huge amount for its treatment. As a result of Too much Charges and Conveniences, Victims begin to search for queries such as “how to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor” Gonorrhea Herbal medicine” etc and these are some of the things we are going to discuss in this post. But before we move on to how to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor, let’s quickly take a glance at the sub-heads we shall be treating below;

  • Symptoms of gonorrhea
  • How to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor
  • Conclusion To Gonorrhea Treatment

Symptoms of gonorrhea

Just like every other Disease got their signs, So also is Gonorrhea. The symptoms of gonorrhea in a Male experience will be different from that of a female and this symptoms begin to show after about 10 – 14 days a person has been infected.

In most cases, the general first symptoms that occur both in male and female include; increased frequency of urinating, burning and painful urination, and cloudy urine.
As for other parts of the body, some common symptoms include; eye pain, sensitivity to light, sore throat, itching, bowel movement difficulty, pains in the joint and others. Well, all these are general in both male and female – so let’s do some specific splitting below;

Signs and symptoms of gonorrhea in male;

  • They begin to notice some pus-like discharge from the penis tip
  • They start having burning and painful urination
  • One of their testicles begin to swell and this will lead to pains

Signs and symptoms of gonorrhea in female;

  • Bleeding in the vagina immediately after sexual intercourse
  • Pains when urinating
  • They begin to feel some pains in the abdomen and their pelvic area
  • They experience pain during sexual intercourse
  • They begin to have unusual vagina discharge.
Having learned the signs and symptoms of Gonorrhea in both females and males, Are you a Gonorrhea victim who is shy to see the Doctor or don’t have enough money for treatment? . Check below for How to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor.

How to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor

Gonorrhea has been proven to be cured without without doctors attention just by using some natural and herbal remedies we shall be exposing to you right now.
Maybe you feel like doctors charge are way too much or for any other reasons best known to you. Below are some of the cure for gonorrhea without going to the doctor.

  • The Use of Garlic: Garlic can be gotten any where around you – in the market, your farm, your village, local stores, to mention a few. So you don’t need to go to the doctor to get this and also it is relatively cheap. Garlic has a very active ingredient known as Allicin . This substance has been proven to boost the body immune system also fights against harmful bacteria in the body including the bacteria causing gonorrhea. You can leverage its medical benefits by including it in your diets, eating it in it’s raw form at a normal rate, getting some garlic extracts and consuming products that have garlic in them.
  • The Use of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) : Why always ACV? You must be wondering by now – that is if you really familiar with it but if you are not, then we have got you covered. Apple Cider Vinegar is a liquid based substance that is produced from the fermentation of Apple Cider where the presence of the sugar in the Apple tend to convert it to Vinegar. This liquid has a whole lot of health benefits which may be discussed in another article. Now this substance is known to contain some antibacterial and antiviral properties that can aid the cure of gonorrhea directly without going to the doctor.
    You can consume Apple Cider Vinegar both internally and externally – regularly and apply all over your body till you get your desired result.

  • The Use of Aloe Vera: This is just another common plant you can find almost anywhere that you don’t even need to visit the doctor for it. It’s numerous health benefits can never be under estimated, therefore I guess this should be one of your best options.   
  • Aloe Vera has over 250 species but only one of them is recommended for the cure of gonorrhea and that specie is known as Barbadensis Milla . Several successes have being recorded by using this specie of this Aloe Vera for gonorrhea. You can easily use it to prepare an Aloe Vera juice and ensure you take it regularly.
  • The Use of Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil has a very similar property with that of Apple Cider Vinegar. This oil can be mostly found among women are n your environs , it is another well known remedy for gonorrhea. This works for women mostly – when you get the oil ensure you mix it with a coconut oil. Having done this, get a tampon and soak it in the mixture. You should place this tampon in your vagina. Do this repeatedly till you get your desired result.

  • The Use of Vitamin C: As you may have already ready known. Vitamin C does a great job in terms of purifying the immune system. Taking enough Vitamin C will increase the resistance of the bacteria causing gonorrhea. You can get vitamin C from your diets as you do not need to visit the doctor for this. So you are advised to always eat vitamin C rich foods, fruits, vegetables, Citrus Juice and other vitamin C substance as much as you can in other to cure gonorrhea.

Conclusion: How to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor

Having taken those natural cures for bacteria, there are other ways you can do away with gonorrhea without going to the doctor. They include; exercising regularly, avoiding sex, and taking foods rich people in zinc.
Now you have this piece in your care, why not show some love to your friends and family by sharing this information across as you can also be a life saver through this piece. Thank you , as we hope to see you here again. In case you have any other question to ask, you can you the contact section or drop your comments below.
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